10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden

Are you tired of finding surprise 'gifts' from your dog all around your backyard instead of the designated area? 🐶

You have finished potty training outside the house, or your dog is grown up and knows where to go to the potty, but now you want your dog not to pee on your roses or make the grass yellow?

We've all been there – you've tried to redirect your canine companion from your precious garden, only to find him right back at your beloved flowers, doing his business without a care in the world. 🌼

If you're seeking a game-changing solution that's more than just wishful thinking, you're in for a treat! We've got 10 ingenious ideas that can transform your garden into a dog-friendly haven while preserving your beautiful blooms. 🏡

Say goodbye to garden woes and hello to a lush, thriving space where both your four-legged friend and your flora can thrive harmoniously. Let's dive into these fantastic solutions for your very own dog-friendly garden retreat!"

 10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden

Picking the Right Surface for Dog Poop: Top Choices Unveiled 

Dogs, much like humans, develop their own unique preferences as they grow. Puppies learn to identify the spots meant for their business, often adapting to the surfaces available in their surroundings. Depending on their environment, they might become more accustomed to one type of surface over another.

For those dwelling in urban settings, the options for dogs to answer nature's call vary. Some might be accustomed to relieving themselves on city sidewalks due to a lack of alternatives, while others might have access to dog parks equipped with grass, dirt patches, or even gravel.

On the other hand, dogs living in forested areas have a different playground altogether. They can revel in the natural textures of grass, bushes, and the myriad of sensations that the wilderness offers.

Ultimately, a dog's choice of potty spot hinges on familiarity. Where they've grown accustomed to going influences their preference, whether it's the city's concrete jungle or the lush expanse of a woodland haven. Just like us, our furry companions learn and adapt, shaping their habits based on the environment they call home.

Although, grass and wooden bark would be the best surface for your dog’s paws and they go better together with the natural instincts.

 10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden

Unveiling the Mystery: Is Grass a Must for Your Dog's Potty Time? 

As I mentioned earlier, the key factor here is your dog's personal preferences.

Rest assured, it's not an absolute necessity for your pup to have grass as their chosen potty surface, especially if access to it is limited.

If your furry friend has grown accustomed to doing their business on grass, amidst the bushes, or even on gravel, chances are, those habits will persist. But if you want your dog to choose a specific toilet area in your garden you can easily teach your dog to do that.

Remember, just like with any new trick or habit, patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement are your best allies. So, whether it's grass or another surface, you have the power to guide your dog towards the perfect potty solution for your living environment.

 10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden

Where should a dog pee in the garden?

Choose an area that is away from everything, a silent corner with less traffic would be great.

Dogs like to do their business away from everyone, where there’s nobody to interfere with them.

Create your dog toilet as far as you can from the places where you hang out the most. That could be behind the house, a dark corner in your garden, all in all, it’s an area that is the furthest from everything.

10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden
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How do I get my dog to use the toilet in the garden? 

If you have a puppy it shouldn’t take long for him to do the business in the designated area, but if you have a grown-up dog it may take some time.

  • Use a leash to guide your dog to the potty area;
  • Don’t let your dog step out of the area until he’s done all of his business;
  • If he’s used to peeing or pooping on the grass, but you’re using bark or gravel in the toilet area, that may take more time, because your dog has to get used to the new circumstances;
  • Every time your dog does his business in the toilet area in your garden reward him massively;
  • Before you let your dog run freely in the garden take your dog to the toilet first;
  • When you see your dog doing his business anywhere else, take him by the collar and guide him to the toilet area;
  • And remember, always praise your dog when he’s doing the right thing.
10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden
DoggieLawn - Potty pad that consists of formulated hydroponic grass that doesn’t contain soil

How to make an easy dog toilet area? 

  1. Decide where are you going to locate your dog's toilet;
  2. Mark it with a piece of string to your required size;
  3. You can make it as big as you want. Use nails to secure the strings in the ground;
  4. Cut the wood to the required size and place it outside your marked string. This will help you to make it in a nice box shape;
  5. Then dig the ground. You can use water to make the ground softer and it would be easier to dig;
  6. First, place the beams inside, this will help you to stop it all from collapsing on itself;
  7. Then dig the rest of it out;
  8. Put the gravel in – it helps with drainage.

A few DIY projects for your dog that you may like:

Dog toilet area ideas for your garden

1. Build a Flushable Dog Run 

 10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden

You can make your own flushable dog toilet in your garden.

What you need to do is remove the soil, dig a trench, cover the area in thick plastic, install a perforated pipe that tied into the exterior plumbing, and cover it all up with gravel.

The plastic keeps the urine from penetrating the soil and ensures that all of the water is directed to the perforated pipe so that it may be flushed away.

Here you can see step-by-step how to make your own. 

2. Easy DIY dog toilet for your garden or balcony 

This is an easy dog toilet to make.

10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden

Everything you need:

3. Dog Porch Potty

10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden

This is a more advanced kind of DIY dog toilet area, but if you’re handy and you love making stuff yourself this might be for you.

This project might take more than 1 or 2 days, but in the end, it’s worth it.

You can also use this one indoors in your apartment or on your balcony.

4. DoggieLawn 

10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden

But if you can’t make one yourself, don’t worry.

Some companies already make these things to make your life easier.

DoggieLawn is a potty pad that consists of formulated hydroponic grass that doesn’t contain soil.

This is also a great alternative for puppy pads.

You can use it outside as well as inside.

If you don’t want to make the dog toilet area in your garden yourself, this would be an easy solution.

5. Bark Potty

10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden

If you would like your dog toilet area in your garden to be without the grass, this bark potty will serve you well.

Every Bark Potty is made from the same materials that are found at dog parks. The natural odors from the real bark are what make dogs want to “go”.

One potty is usually meant to last up to four weeks due to the proprietary bark, which is antimicrobial. Like cedar and other woods, it attaches odors and inhibits it causing bacteria. The bark fibers draw liquids to the bottom of the lined tray and away from the surface leaving it dry and leakproof.

Also, this potty can be used inside and outside of the house.

6. Out-of-sight dog toilet 

10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden

If you have a small garden or your garden has a small out of sight place it’s a great place for your dog’s toilet area.

This will help you to keep your garden tidy and you won’t even notice that you have dog poop somewhere in the garden that needs picking up.

7. Cute dog toilet area between your garden trees and bushes

10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden

Your dog will love this one because it’s divided from the rest of the garden and if you have bigger trees or bushes in front of the area it makes the space more out of the site for your dog to do his business. 

8. Divided dog area with a fence 

10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden

This is a cute way how to divide your garden into areas.

You can teach your dog to do his business only inside the dog area, or don’t let your dog in the other areas at all.

This way you will be 100% sure that he won't do his business on your beautiful roses or damage your new lawn.

9. Dog toilet with a roof in your garden

10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden

Create a dog toilet with a roof in your garden.

This will help you to protect your dog’s toilet from getting wet and dirty from rainwater.

10. Higher walls of the potty area

10 Easy Dog Toilet Area Ideas For Your Garden

These walls will help you to keep your dog off the lawn when doing his business in your designated area.

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