DoggieLawn review: 6 Question You Need To Ask Before Subscribing

6 questions you need to know before subcribing - Doggielawn review.

Imagine having grass on the balcony or in a house, where your dog could go and do his "business" whenever he wants.

Going through puppy potty training can be tiresome.

Even if you put puppy pads all over the house/apartment it doesn’t mean that your dog will choose to pee on them. Sometimes he might do it on the bed, carpet, or even in your shoe.

Have you ever wondered what could make this process a little bit easier? Or how can such a tiny baby make such a mess?

Here is the thing. You don’t need smelly regular puppy pads. Having a great alternative is the way to go. When your potty training gets out of control, or you have a strict schedule that doesn’t involve running around with your puppy 10, 20, or more times a day DoggieLawn will be your best friend.

So we made this DoggieLawn review to show how amazing this product is.

Doggie Lawn

1. What is a DoggieLawn?

It is a potty pad that consists of formulated hydroponic grass that doesn’t contain soil.

Meaning - it’s “soil-less”. Why I’m putting such a huge emphasis on that?

Because you will not find dirt or mess around your apartment or house like from regular sold sod at any home depo. This allows you to have the easiest cleanup ever. 

Unlike the regular plastic potty pads, DoggieLawn is environment-friendly and natural. So the grass is top quality and your doggo will definitely love it.

As it has a little lift, your dog will hop on to it and there shouldn’t be cases when he does half of his business on the floor.

As it’s not heavy you can move it to a spot that you want – balcony, corridor, living room, etc.

2. What do they offer? 

As we did this DoggieLawn review we realized that the natural grass neutralizes odors and it has low maintenance.

They include complimentary gloves in all orders.

They also include poop bags and a training kit for first-time subscribers. With every new signup, they make a donation to an animal shelter.

Compering to others:

  • Fake grass – unnatural smells make it hard to train a puppy. And the urine permeates making it reek. You end up either scrubbing it daily or throwing it out
  • Potty pads – unnatural, sticky, and hard to train on as well. Pads need daily and hourly maintenance 

 Doggie Lawn

3. How the DoggieLawn benefit you? - Doggielawn review

This amazing portable grass gives your dog access to a bathroom, regardless of where you are. It helps to avoid the smell that lingers around artificial grass or potty pads. Also, it contributes to the wellness of our environment.

With this DoggieLawn review, we wanted to show that this is a great way to teach your puppy proper potty manners.

It gives a perfect experience for your puppy to learn what does it mean to pee and poop on real grass. And for the dogs who have always done it outside, it’s a great way how to bring it outside inside the house, or on the balcony.

4. How does their service works?

  1. Sign up
  2. Choose your subscription plan
  3. Get your "grass"

Your dog potty grass pad will arrive at your doorstep ready for use.

They offer different types of subscription models and sizes:

  • For doggies that are under 10 lbs, we would suggest taking Standard DoggieLawn starting at $26
  • In case your doggo weighs from 10 to 30 lbs then Medium DoggieLawn will be perfect, starting at $29
  • Another option they have is Large DoggieLawn, which is meant for 20 to 50 lbs dogs. Starting at $31
  • Our favorite and the one we took despite that our Frenchie is 29 lbs – XL DoggieLawn, starting at $34

Doggie Lawn

It’s completely up to You which option you take as the price difference is so little that it doesn’t matter, to be honest.

They offer free shipping to anywhere in the continental US.

DoggieLawn is based on the West Coast and offers those on the East Coast both a hydroponic and a traditional sod option, which is locally sourced.

If you’re still here, you can get 10% off from your first subscription with code “MIKSFRIDENVALDS”.

Doggie Lawn

5. For whom DoggieLawn potty pads are ideal?

  • House training for puppies or older dogs;
  • High-rise/apartment dwelling dogs;
  • During extreme weather conditions: blizzards, rain, snow, hurricanes, and heat;
  • Puppies going through vaccination shots;
  • Arthritic or incontinent dogs;
  • Owners with busy schedules;
  • Owners who have difficulties getting outside;
  • Traveling with dogs: boats, RV's, airplanes, and hotels; 

6. What else do they offer? 

They also offer a great selection of a variety of useful products.

Like the grass potty the rest of the products are also eco-friendly and safe for humans and pets.

On their website, you can find everything from odor neutralizers to no chew bitter sprays, poop bags, toys, and even dog treats.

So go and check them out.

In conclusion

We are still taking out our Frenchie for walks that haven’t changed.

Nevertheless, it’s nice that sometimes when you are busy you know she won’t need to hold everything in as we have DoggieLawn.

It’s also a great way how to take care of an old dog, or a dog with health problems to reduce the load. Sometimes a simple walk can be too much, so have an alternative.

Check them out by clicking here

Hope this DoggieLawn review helps you to understand this product better.

Doggie Lawn 

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